Friday, July 13, 2007

Look sir, droids!

Im working in some mods to my armor in order to become a Sandtrooper.

But first, Sandtroopers and regular TKs mnay look similar, but they are very different. Several modifications most be done before applying to the Sandtrooper dettachment or the Mos Eisley Police Department.

Some of them are: No black stripes on grey Helmet decals, no botons on ab plate, Sniper Knee plate on left knee, the use of a backpack, a pouldron and a field weapon besides the side weapon is necesary, green lenses and some other things.

So its not so easy or fast to do all these modifications, but its a fun job. I first started with the helmet. Here are a few picts.

The, I started working in a new shin armor and the sniper plate.

While the armor mods are in process, I also started working on my Backpack. A sandtrooper is only all the TD he can be with a backpack. So using some tupperware containers and other stuff, I started from scratch (or almost). I just got them from Wallmart and started putting in toguether in the kart, and that is it. For now.

The backpack will not be 100% accurate, but it will look a lot like the one seen in ANH. But most important of all, I like it a lot.


Anonymous Charo said...

You write very well.

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