Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Expocoleccionistas X. Awaiting The Force Awakens.

The larges biggest Star Wars Convention took place last week, and of course, with the new Star Wars Episode just days away, the Empire had to secure the facilities and make sure Imperial Peace was held.

This year, a very special person attended. I am not talking about the actors signing autographs or other franchise personalities. No, I am talking about my 4 years old daughter who made her appearance as Princes Darth Vader, in full pink gear.

Eventhough it was not her firts time waring her costume, or her first time at big cons, it was special cause know she understands quiet well that having her costume on, she is a character. A loved one by the way. And that people will come to her to have her picture taken and the such. Attention that she was not always happy to get, but she did understand.

Here are a few pictures of us...

Wednesday, October 01, 2014

Star Wars Rebels Premiere

This last saturday, I had the chance to attend the Theatre Premiere for Star Wars Rebels, together with other 6 Stormtroopers from the Mexican Garrison. We made an appearance guarding the red carpet and the celebrities attending. This was the release for Mexico, but still lots of local dubbing actors and known people from the SW sphere in Mexico came by.

I had a great time, and here is a picture to prove it.

I am the Stormtrooper to the far left, wearing my TM armor with my Cap-W "Set for stun" replica bucket.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

May the Fourth, Star Wars Day Mexico City.

May arrived, and also a few Star Wars dates to remember...

For a starter, May the 1st, or the 501st Legion day due to the 5.01 in the calendar; followed by May 4th, also known as May the Fourth or Star Wars day.

To celebrate this date in Mexico, Lucas Film and Disney held an event for all the fans where big news on the new trilogy, Star Wars Rebels and upcoming events were announced.

Also, it was the very first major oficial event since, well... what feels like forever.

Must say that even thought  the event itself was not really that awesome, we did share a very cool day with other fans celebrating Star Wars. A big doughnut cake was brought by Krispy Kream doughnuts, and other amenities were available for fans. But the very big thing was without  doubt the 501st Legion.

With almost 80 troopers, this has been the largest 501st reunion in the country ever.

Here are some pictures of the event.

Really looking forward what comes next from LFL and Disney.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

TM stormtrooper armor: first test run.

I had the chance to attend a Disney/LFL event a few months ago and it was the perfect moment to try for the first time my armor. Even if not fully finished, assembly was all done, and with my RS bucket, it was almost complete.

Here are a few pictures.

Monday, September 23, 2013

HDPE Helmet: The real deal.

Back in 1976, before the main shooting for SW started, the art and costume department came up with all the props and armors for ANH. At that time, Stormtrooper armor was sculpted by Brian Muir based on the concept designs by Ralph McQuarry. At that time the famous Stormtrooper helmet was sculpted by Liz Moore. A legend was created.

When the sculpts were ready, armor and helmet had to be pulled from plastic. Being white ABS the choice for the armor and green High Density Polyethylene HDPE for the helmet.

Jump to this days, Stromtrooper armor is pulled by a bunch of makers in a few different plastic. From ABS to HIPS... and a few in HDPE. But only RS Propmasters pull a helmet with first generation moulds derived from real screen used armor in the original accurate HDPE.

This IS the holy grail of Stormtrooper helmets for prop/armor builders. And is the only kind of helmet I would feel 100% happy with if I want to build a completely accurate armor in the ANH fashion, style and technique.

My helmet was not only pulled in HDPE by RS Propmasters, but expertly finished by them. put together and detailed by hand in the same way original armor was made in '76.

So, with no further word, this is my RS HDPE Stormtrooper helmet.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Stormtrooper armor almost ready for Tantive IV raid.

It's September already, and even if I would like to had shared my progress in bits, I was not able and now seems like a titanic task. So, I will instead post a link to my "build in progress" thread over the FISD (First Imperial Stormtrooper Detachment) and post some pictures of my current progress here. Just want to say that all armor was trimmed, fitted and put together in the most possible ANH style I could. Meaning that it was not measured cm by cm and cut, but put together following my prop maker instinct and knowledge of the hobby. I did this cause I believe that is the way the art department did it in '76. The results do show the same look and style, so, I guess I am not that far from mark. Here it is... my Tantive IV Stormtrooper armor, all assembled and ready for final weathering and detailing. The TM armor is awesome! A true work of art. And being 5'10" works great, since the armor is made to fit guys my size. The same size actors were casted for ANH. Maybe I am a bit less thin, but fits fine anyway. One thing I really was concerned and came out perfect, were the shoulder bells. Would they be able to be tucked in the chest plate? My size and thr trimming I did worked perfect, and I can see the ANH look over that area. That is, for me, one of the most distinctive characteristics on ANH armor... So, So far, so good I think.

I still need to take pictures of every detail... Will hopefully do that later on the next couple of weeks.

Friday, March 15, 2013

A New Hope.

So my Sandtrooper is done. At least, almost done. I do have a couple upgrades in mind for my backpack, specially for the radio, and for my E11, and dream of building a new Sandtrooper Tunisian E11 version sometime in the future. But now, I am starting a new project, one that I have dreamed about and kept on the backburner for a year or two now: A Tantive IV boarding party Stormtrooper. For me, that is the way Stormtroopers should look like. That is the very first impression most have of the impressive white armored Imperial soldier. I will try to replicate the armor we see in the very first minutes of Star Wars with all its flaws and imperfections, using perfect replicas, pieces and parts. The most important and central piece of this project will be my new 1.5 mm flexible ABS Troopermaster armor. The kit is already awesome even in the box. All the time and hard work put into making this plastic pieces is near perfect. And also, all the extras like wire brackets, elastics, hardware and the belt, holster and handplates, just to mention a few things, is so close to the real thing that it is just mindblowing. This will take me the best part of this year and probably a bit of the next one, since I really want to get all the details the way they should be. So I plan to take it slow, carefully and most important, accurately. I will post from time to time when I have something new to share, about this or other projects. In the mean time... move along, move along.