Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Get your gear...

Slowly, my Sandtrooper gear is getting done. The backpack is almost done. Just need to glue some parts toguether and finish the strap system. Almost done.

The sniper knee plate and abplate are done already, and now I just need to start working in the canvas utility belt. Not difficult at all. Its exciting to see how things turn out and how everything comes toguether to become a Sandtrooper. Elite imperial forces.

And talking about Elite Imperial Forces, just yesterday I got news from one of my garrison master armors about the Elite Emperial Forces special gear that we ordered a few months ago. In sumary, Ill get soon my gaiters, special utility belt and arm armor... alltoguether with my backpack, pouldron, armor mods and my next project, my MG15 rifle, I will in a few words KICK ASS!!


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