Monday, February 23, 2009

TE2 Sandtrooper Bucket done.

TE2 bucket
Original english rubber parts
Mike's assembly
Mike's decals
Acetate Lenses
Handpainted details
MH's weathering tutorial

To do the weathering, what I did is this:

1. With a sponge, make a few strokes of paint at its 100%.
2. With a damp sponge, extend the paint to the area while thinning a lot.
3. With a dry paper towel (or you could use some clothe) take away as much paint as you want to achieve the look.
4. With a damp paper towel take off all the paint you want to make some cool textures.

Repeat as necesary... and do this in several layers with different colors. Go from a black layer to a lighter (yellow, tan, etc), back to a dark one (brown, dark tan, etc), and then black again.

Finish it up by spraying some hairspray on the areas you want some "sand" and spread some fullers earth over it using a brush. I would advice to do this slowly and just a bit at a time and from at least 20cm from the bucket. I used some yellow dust in this step.

The result:


Now Im ready to meet again the constant rising deployed standards of the Mos Eisley Police Department...


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