Thursday, September 17, 2009

New TE2 amor

Its been about 3 years and some change since I first got my very first Stormtrooper armor. At that time, it was an FX armor kit made by iTrooper. It was great, for me it was just perfect. The first step into a larger world.

Three years have come and go, and after many many hours or research, work, more research and more work (not to mention the money spent), I finished my FX kit and upgraded it from Stormtrooper, to heavy weapon stormtrooper, to Sandtrooper to MEPD Deployed Sandtrooper to a better version of my MEPD Deployed TD. Going all the way from standard FX kit to a highly accurate FXlite TD Mos Eisley Police Officer.

Now it is time for the next upgrade. But it is an upgrade that will take me again along the road of building a new armor. A new screen accurate ANH armor. My very own TE2 suit of armor and helmet. In my book, this is the holy grail of Stormtrooper Armors.

The lineage of this armor starts with certain screen used helmets, two of them. These helmets were used to make the molds of the first screen accurate wearable helmet, the TE or Trooper Expert helmet. The armor molds were taken, as long as I kow, from a screen used armor from ANH with some parts from ROTJ (or is it the other way around?).

TE pulled armors for some years with these molds. The same molds that were used to make molds for other armors like Gino and some others.

After some time TE finished his days of pulling white armor, and sold his molds to a new maker. This was the begin of TE2 armor. Trooper Expert 2 armor is now my favorite armor and armor maker and one of the most respected star wars prop making community members.

A year ago, in the TE2 2nd anniversary run, I was lucky enough to be able to get a TE2 Bucket. This years, in the 3rd Anniversary run, I was even luckier, being able to get one of this great and amazing armors.

From now on, everything is just different. The whole way I see the world of propmaking and impersonating a Stormtrooper has changed for ever. I have my TE2 armor, and with it, lots of things come: joy, happiness, pride, but also lots of work, responsibility and dedication to make this armor all it can and should be. Pretty much, the best armor out there.

This is it. This is my new TE2 armor.

Mos Eisley Police Officer
Mexican Garrison
501st Legion


Blogger tk4455 said...

wow! Viejo ahora si te volaste la barda eh? Muchas felicidades por esta nueva armadura...
Atte. Gabo

1:49 AM  
Blogger plasta said...

Muchas gracias hermano!!
Estoy a punto de terminarla... un par de semanas más y estoy.
Puse fotos en el MEPD y en el foro de la garrison...
Un abrazo.

8:34 AM  

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