Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Thinking about it...

Its wednesday, and in weekdays its kindof difficult to work in my helemt. But that doesnt stops me for surfing the net for tips and ideas on what modifications to make.

I hev been thinking for a while now about what the next step should be. First of all I will finish with the wire mesh inside the vents on the frown and the frowns paint job. Probably on friday. My grilfriend offered to go buy the paint and some foam padding I need. She is great! Its awesome how she enjoys this project with me. So after I finish all that, I will prbably start working on either the hard hat liner and the padding, or on the cooling system.

I found a great tutorial on how to install the fans inside the helmet. It comes with cool descriptions and very usefull pictures. It even has the Radioshack Item numbers for the parts I need. Ill post it in the links section on the blog, but for now, its here:

Obi Wan's Jedi Academy cooling system tutorial

I still need to think about where to place the fans inside the helmet. Probably where the frown vents are.

But oh well... such a long way to go. I think I will finish the wire screen and paint job, the liner, the vents and at then the padding. And still dreaming of the voice amp and comm sistem. But maybe later, just maybe.


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