Sunday, August 12, 2007

Mission Report: Expo Coleccionistas 2007

My first mission as a Sandtrooper. Exciting! And, my first mission as part of the Emperial Elite Forces.

I will only say that it was a big success... we, the whole 501st, arrested several rebels and suspects of rebel behavior all day long. We took control of the WTC at Mexico City and made it clear that the Empire Rules the Galaxy.

Here is just a little sample of the EIF at work... inspecting suspicious characters and making an arrest after finding illegal material.

And here, yours truly, is taking under arrest a TK for misbehavior... arrest ordered by Gral Petrovic of Clone Corps.

The Elite Imperial Forces, a special ops squad.

And these are some of the most important arrests we made during the ExpoColeccionistas 2007...

A Jedi Master

A Jedi Night

Princess Leia Organa

A Rebel Pilot

Mission acomplished!


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