Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Backpack... almost there.

Ive been working for a few months on my sandtrooper backpack. As you might have read, the most difficult part was finding the parts: original, replica and substitutes. The second most difficult part was getting the correct blue color for the blue parts. And finally, the least difficult but must fun of all was putting it toguether.

So, here are a few shots from my las working sessions on the pack.

So first of all, I fixed the blue box to the pvc frame.

Then, I used a "caution" sign to cut out and put together the tool box. And used the same kind of sign to make the exhaust port's box. After gluing it together, painting it black, fixing it to the black seedtray and adding the electricians tape, it came out like this:

I then printed the sticker for the radio box.


After that, I just painted blue the bottle, fixed the mushroom cap and worked on the final details.

Still need to work in some details on the radio box, the mortar tube and the radio dish... and then weathering it. But so far I think it looks fine.


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