Friday, February 04, 2011

New Screen Accurate Ammo Pouches

Ammo Pouches are a big thing for Sandtroopers.

Blasters would not be of much use if you run out of ammo. Yes, blaster contrary to popular believe, does not shoot laser beams but ammo that happens to look like a laser beam like when shot. And since we confront some of the worst scum and villains around, we need to be ready to shoot and shoot and shoot.

Now, original ammo pouches on ANH, were created by the art department based on German MP40 leather ammo pouches from WWII. But they were not put together as the originals due to production schedules and budgets.

A few months ago, together with other TDs on the Mos Eisley Police Department, we designed and put together a new run of Screen Accurate Ammo Pouches, based on the Screen Accurate run from Imperial Outfitters and Sci-Fire.

My set was made up of 2 pouches with vertical belt loops for the belt, and 1 with diagonal belt loops for the shoulder.
With these 3, my old canvas MP38/40 and my new small Spanish Pouches (later to be described), and my 3 pouldrons, I can configure pretty much every single TD seen in ANH...

So, here are how they look like when they arrived.

Check out the accurate hardware and rivets on both front and back.
Also the look, trim, sewing and color... this are the Ultimate pouches in the Galaxy.
Of course, I am very happy with them. Most of the credit goes to Zadokk as he is the one who made them.

So... now, how to give the pouches its wore look?

Few easy steps:

1. Put the leather pouches in some warm water.
2. Roll up and down the wet pouches, and twiste them left and right. All this to make it softer and used.
3. Stick some wood sticks into them the size of a real MP40 magazine... and leave them inside until dry.
4. You could also mold them pressing and rubbing them with a wooden spoon or your fingers...

Then, once it is dry... throw it to the floor (rough floor is best) and kick it around a bit... these to make the leather look old and scratch it here and there. Specially around the corners...

And Finally, spray it with some hairspray here and there and cover it all with dirt. sweep it away and repeat a couple of times until the pouch has that old, dirty and used look.

Now, they are ready to go on chasing some Jawas or shooting farmers.


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