Thursday, August 17, 2006

Padding, but not yet.

Yes, my girlfriend got me some padding stuff for th einside of the helmet, and also some darker gray spraypaint. So, now I can start working again on my helmet. As soon as I find some spare time.

But already yesterday night, for about 15 mins, I started to cut and give shape to the padding I will be using to get the exact fit for my helmet. First of all, here are the tools and stuff I used: duct tape, some other tape, cutter knife, scissors, some kind of foam pad use to cover ducts and thats it I guess...

First of all, I started by measuring the covers of the lenses. I want to place some padding around the edges of the lenses to make the more comfortable, and also to try and making it more difficult to see through them from the outside.

This I did by cutting sections of the foam tube, cutting it in 4 along the lenght of it. Then I placed it along the edges of the lense, cutting it down to fit, taking it apart and then hot glueing it toguether. That was my first attempt. It came out pretty good, but for the second pad, I will paste it directrly to the helmet. I guess.

After that, I placed a whole section of the foam tube in the forehead area, just to separate my face form the face of the helmet. This worked pretty fine. And eventhough its just secured with tape for now, I think that once its glued, it will work great.

To ensure that the fit would be fine, I temporarly taped the wire mesh to the frown vents. Everything worked fine.

Then, I covered the nots and bolts in the interior of the helmet. Placing duct pads sections cut by half with the tape, just to place it temporarly and had an idea of where should I paste them later on. It came pretty good.

So now, everything is taped into place, I just need to hoot glue it and I guess the padding will be done, and the fit will be great.

This is a picture of the front part of the helmet with the padding taped in place.

This is a detail from the side padding, covering the bolt and knot, and giving secure fit to my head.

And this is the view of the whole head padding, I left an unpadded section on the back to allow space for my dreadlocks to be. The whole thing worked out pretty cool. And fits just right. I will hot glue it in the days to come.

Needless to say, I decided against the hard hat liner and use the foam instead.


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