Monday, January 28, 2008

Imperial Binders

What good can a police officer do without a pair of handcuffs; and its no different for an Imperial Stormtrooper... therefore, I started building my own Imperial Binders.

To build them I used a few very basic materials: PVC tubing (wide enough for arresting even wookies), hinges, screws, hot glue and plastic welder, and foam.

So first, I cut some PVC pipe rings from the tubbing, just wide enough so hinges would fit on them. Once I had the rings, I cut them in half to make the two parts that would actually open and close arround the prisioner's wrists. And then, screw the hinges to them to make the main body of the binders.

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Once the main body of both handcuffs were done, I started with the "ornaments" by cuting some extra pvc squares the same with of the main pieces, and then gluing them... this gives the binders the sw gear look (mine are not that great looking anyway). And used some magnets at the end of the two main body parts for an opening/close mechanism... *UPDATE: the magnets were not that good after a mission so instead I used Velcro...

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Finally, I used a long screw and knots, and a smaller pvc tube to fix toguether the two handcuffs...

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A few layer of primer, white paint and the binders were done...

Here is a picture of me and my partner in action, making an arrest with the binders.

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