Friday, August 18, 2006

Padding and green lenses...

This time, I wanted to put on the green lenses, so following some advice I found on the net, I used some Softdrink plastic bottle and cut some lenses. I must say the results were not great, but from the begining I knew it was going to be like that. So, I dont mind. Cause at the end.. well, youll see.

This is a pict from the bottle cutted down.

These are the lenses before pasting them.

I decided to leave the smoky flat glasses that my helmet already had. But glue the green one over them to make them darker and giving them some kind of greenish look. The result. well...

Here, we can see the lenses put into place before glueing them.

I hot glued them over the smokey lenses and then glue some padding over the whole eyepiece. It came out fine cause the padding prevents sharp edges sticking into my face and it also feels comfortable to wear. But a very cool thing is that thet stop light from coming from under the helmet to light my face. Nice.

Here is one eye with padding.

At the same time I was padding the eyes, I start glueing the pads for the side of the head. It was not difficult at old. I just had to be carefull not to put too much glue on the foam , cause it kindof melted a bit. But at the end, it came just great.

Once I finished with the sides and the eye pads, I think it was done. It fits great. And I have enough room to breath and for my dreadlocks. Eventually, when I cut my hair off, I will need some new padding system, but in the meanwhile, this is great.

I am trying to make the helmet look as cool in the inside as on the outside. Kindof tech and cool gadgets on it. So, I think its comng quiet well.

During the week end I will try finishing the paint job on the Frown, and maybe go shopping for the ventilation sistem, and some crazy Idea I had about a hidrating system, since everyone says its so hot and tiring to be in the armor for long periods.

will see...


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