Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Blaster E11

I decided to start working on my blaster modis rightaway, so I could have it done for the weekend, since Im attending a convention with the Legion.

First of all, I had to decide how would I make the ammo clip. I had found some tutorials, being the best of them one that suggested making it out of wood and metal. Since I only have a few tools, I decided to follow the plans and steps on this tutorial, but making it out of estirene instead of wood and metal.

So, first of all I drew a blueprint, or kindof, to figure out how to build it.

So, then, I started cutting out the pieces from an spare estirene piece I had (it actually was the utility belt from my armor), and slowly started to put it toguether.

I finished cutting the pieces, sanded them and them glued them all tiguether with E6000 PVC glue. And in the mean time, I satrted working with the blasters paintjob.

According to several sites, tutorials and tips, I decided to paint it in three layers. First of all, I sprayed a coat of grey primer, then a coat of silver paint and finally a layer of flat black. This, so I could be able to sandpaper out some black paint from specific places, to give it the weathered look.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi mate, what black paint did you use, im going to paint my white blaster but not sure whuch paint to use , Thanks

1:25 PM  
Blogger plasta said...

Hi there!
Well, I used some spray paint from rustoleum... used a primer layer, then a few coats of silver and finally a couple of coats of blake non glossy... Dont know the numbers or SKUs but just hit your local hardware store and look for something similar.
Hope it helps. Thx for reading and posting.

2:20 PM  

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