Monday, September 25, 2006

Its a hard life

Some damage is always held by an armor after a mission. And the stormtrooper amor is no exception.

After the mission in the Rebelcon a few weeks ago, my Stormtrooper armor got some damage, and also, I found out that some mods were in order.

First of all and most serious, the helmet had some thinning at the lower part of the side walls. It was notoiuos and most important, delilcate, cause it could be the entrance door to come cracking and tearing of the material. It also had similar problems in the chest plate.

So, new modifications and repairs are happening as I write.

My main concern was to make the helmet walls stronger, cause it is one of the parts that get more action, so to speak. Every time I put on and off the bucket, I have to grab it from a rather thin part of plastic, that eventually started to look and feel really bad.

What I did to repair this, was applying a layer of epoxic glue on the damaged part. It looks kindof uncool, but it does the trick. I just need to sand it a bit and paint it black to match the rest of the helmet. Will do fine.

I will do the same to the sides of the chest plate, since the thin plastic is giving up and I would not like it to break or tear.

Next, will ne the re triming and rematching of the arms and thighs, so thet are more comfortable to wear. And joining with elastic the thighs to the abs plate. Will be cool.

This is a picture of the inside of the helmet during the repairing process.

Trooping is not for the weak hearted.


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