Monday, September 25, 2006

Back on the 70s...

...people were lot more naive than we are today; there were no CGI characters in movies; no amazing special effects; and of course, people would not go through movies, analizing every inch of it.

So, thats why the original version of the SW trilogy looks so much different and even un realistic and still was such a big hit.

Its just amazing to watch again those movies, without all the CGI and new plot lines. It gives me gosebumps just to see agian Han Solo not having to be polically correct and shooting first. The jawas are jawas, the aliens are people in costumes and the puppets are well, just puppets.

Eventhough, the original release of the movies used state of the art technology in its production, today, it looks really well... vintage. LOL.

It must say that I loved the edition. The sound, the dusty film look, the scratches, the colors, the special effects. Even the vintage image look of the DVD menu is great. Its cool. Its original. Its old. I love it.

I must say anyway, that the special DVD set with the orioginal version, meaning, the extra DVD with the special edition release, is not a big plus. I mean, most people buying this version, is most likely to already have the Special Edition DVD set. So, why having it twice. Its the exact same DVD. Its all about business I guess. Cause I bought it anyway. Hope Lucas would think about the fans more and less about money. But oh well... its business, not a pro bono work.

I would have liked some extras though. Just a few, maybe the "Luke watching the starfight from tatooine" or the "I met your father when he was a pilot" scenes. As a bonus. As the extra material. But oh well... maybe later. Money talks.


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