Thursday, October 05, 2006

Only imperial stormtroopers are so precise.

So, after a few weeks shoping around, I finally found and bought my Blaster. I found it in an auction site a couple of days ago, made my offer and got it!

Its a new version of the old Kenner Blaster. This version is supposed to be from the 501st Clone Legion in Revenge of the Sith. So the packages comes with a picture of a couple of clones with the ble stripes on their armor. Its cool. Its not a Stormtrooper but its exactly the same except for the paint desing.

I will be making some modifications to it in the next few weeks. I am thinking of adding an ammo clip and some other stuff, modifiying the barrel and also give it a new paint job and weather it. I hope it will be cool at the end.

Here are some pictures of the package and the blaster when I got them...


Blogger David said...

Geek - hell yes. Great stuff - hell yes. Thank you for sharing.

9:09 AM  
Blogger plasta said...

Thanks for visiting and for the comment David!


9:15 AM  

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