Wednesday, March 12, 2008

MEPD Police Officer Iconoclasta TD8800

Its done. I am now officialy a Mos Eisley Police Department Police Officer. The Elite of the Elite of the Stormtroopers in the Empire. To be a Sandtrooper is not that easy. But now, being a Police Officer in the MEPD of the Fighting Legion 501st, thats comepletely another story.

It took me lots and lots of work. Lots of time. And lots of patience. All toguether with thousands of references, pictures, tips and more, after almost two years I am part of one of the most demanding detachments on the Empire.

Here are a few picts of my Deployed status on the MEPD site. Thats me: TD 8800. MEPD Police Officer.

My profile:

Being welcome in the Deployed section:


And the thumbnail on the deployed gallery:

Long live Emperor Palpatine!


Blogger LoG said...

Congrats there!

Felicidades por tu promocion.

Recibe un abrazo.

Darkside FTW!!!

2:10 AM  

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