Monday, September 23, 2013

HDPE Helmet: The real deal.

Back in 1976, before the main shooting for SW started, the art and costume department came up with all the props and armors for ANH. At that time, Stormtrooper armor was sculpted by Brian Muir based on the concept designs by Ralph McQuarry. At that time the famous Stormtrooper helmet was sculpted by Liz Moore. A legend was created.

When the sculpts were ready, armor and helmet had to be pulled from plastic. Being white ABS the choice for the armor and green High Density Polyethylene HDPE for the helmet.

Jump to this days, Stromtrooper armor is pulled by a bunch of makers in a few different plastic. From ABS to HIPS... and a few in HDPE. But only RS Propmasters pull a helmet with first generation moulds derived from real screen used armor in the original accurate HDPE.

This IS the holy grail of Stormtrooper helmets for prop/armor builders. And is the only kind of helmet I would feel 100% happy with if I want to build a completely accurate armor in the ANH fashion, style and technique.

My helmet was not only pulled in HDPE by RS Propmasters, but expertly finished by them. put together and detailed by hand in the same way original armor was made in '76.

So, with no further word, this is my RS HDPE Stormtrooper helmet.


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