Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Almost there... almost there.

Im almost done with my Stormtrooper Helmet.

So fa, I have drill the frown vents, painted the interior black and put on some padding . And now, the latest modifications, I painted the frown in gray, and a wire screen on the interior of the frown.

To paint the frown gray, I used some primer spray. Its matches de color of the decals nicely and gives a cool finish. Not very glossy but its fine with me. And to glue the screen, I used some hot glue. It was an easy job. Now the helmet is almost complete. I am now in search for the fan and electronic parts for the ventilation system.

Here are some pictures of the helmet.

This is the helmets inside. The Wire mesh is already in place...

This is a close up (a bit out of focus) of the paint job on the frown and how it looks with the mesh... cool I think.

An this is a shot of the whole thing!

Next, the fans and cooling system...


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