Tuesday, August 29, 2006

The Torso.

Last night, after getting some E6000 PVC glue, I arrived home and continued working on my armor. This time, it was the turn of the arms, and finishing the torso pieces, and started to work on the shins.

Firts of all, I removed the snap buttons I had placed in the belly... This because I placed them all painted in black. But then found out, thanks to the help from my new buddies from the 501st legion garrison méxicoforums, I found out that the correct color scheme was differrent. So I painted some buttons in gray and some I will paint on blue, later on.

It was not difficult since I used hot glue, and painted using the same primer I used to paint the frown gray. I also cut it in two separate pieces to make it more comfortable to move and wear. I did this to the two lower torso parts.

Here is picture of the lower torso pieces, there you can see it still with the black buttons.

Then, to finish the lower torso, or attempt to finish at least, I hot glued some elastic that will work as suspenders... I prefered this option rather than attaching them to the upper torso, cause I think this way Ill have lot more room to move and will be more comfortable to wear. Hope Im right.

Now I just need to paint 3 buttons in blue to properly match the Death Star Stormtrooper look from ANH. Ill do it later on the week.

Nest step, I started with the upper arm pieces. It was not very difficult. Just pasted one of the sides. Once it was done, I trimed a bit of the other ends and paste it toguether... I must say that the clamps were of great use here. I dont know how would have ever done it without them... I used the E6000 glue here, from Home Depot. Its very strong so it must be treated carefully. And it stinks big time!!

Then, I worked on the lower arm parts. Its nice to be avarage size and complexion, cause most of the parts fits just perfect. Needed to make just a very few modications and the parts fitted just right. For these parts, I added some foam padding on the inside, to make them fit better and stay in place. I hot glued the foam and it works nice. I was able just to paste one of the ends on both arms, I will still need to do the other ends tonite or maybe tomorrow...

In this picture also appear the upper torso parts... more on them later.


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