Wednesday, October 11, 2006


i must say that for the construction of several costumes, props, and other stuff Ive done before, I have followed many times, tutorials and techniques found in the net. Never I have achieved the same result shown in the websites. Not untill now.

I must say that after the whole painting of the blaster, I was pretty excited about doing the weathering. Would it be cool, would it look real? So I got some sandpaper of different number and started slowly, but gaining confidence and striking the blaster with it.

First on the edges, then on the main body, the exit door, and the trigger... then I went a bit further, ageing it a bit, and giving cool touches to specific places where I felt it could need it.

At the end, the blaster looks great... it kindof has the look of a real weapon. I just now need to finish the ammo clip and some other mods Im planning.

Will post pictures tomorrow or later tonite.


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