Monday, August 28, 2006

Got amor!!!

So, finally... after I dont know how long of dreaming about it, I got a brown cardboard box containing my stormtrooper armor!!! I was just like a kid on xmas morning... couldnt even decide where to start, since I was so exited. First step, the regular armor-on-the-floor shot...

The big brown box.

All the pieces were packed individually. I apreciated that cause it prevents any damage to the glossy finish.

Thats my armor!!!

I also got the ventilation system, some velcro, promotional stickers, flyers, a free t-shirt, snap buttons and several stuff... I also had some other things in Wallmart earlier: glue, extra velcro, some kindof industrial velcro, electricians tape, masking tape and some other stuff.

Tools, and materials.

Also, my neck seal is in process, Ill get it maybe in a week or two. Im on my way!!!


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