Monday, October 16, 2006

Expo Coleccionistas Star Wars 2006 WTC

This last weekend, the Expo Coleccionistas Star Wars took place at the Mexico City World Trade Center...

I was not able to attend the event during the three days, but I did had an awesome experience on Sunday Afternoon.

The event was great. Lots and lots of Star Wars fans. Lots of toys and colectibles available. One Jedi Night. And the Legion 501st of course. Awesome.

There are several things to tell. So I will just make a list of cool stuff that happend and post some pictures. Lets see...

Cool stuff:
-I got to wear my Stormtrooper armor
-I used my now almost finished blaster
-Met hundreds of fans willing to join the empire academy and become a stormtrooper
-Hopefully maybe two or three will actually do it
-Kids wanted to have pictures taken with me and fellow troopers
-The Legion 501st Garrison Mexico gave a conference
-The droid Hunt Contest
-Organization of the event was really thankfull to us
-I got my new sound system for my armor
-Got to see my friend Rotten wearing his armor for the first time
-Met Orli Shoshan, Shakti on Episodes II & III
-Enjoyed lots of good moments with my fellow troopers
-Got a Legion t-shirt
And on and on...

Cool troopers

Rotten, Orli and myself

Orli Shoshan (Jedi Master Shakti) and me


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