Monday, October 30, 2006

Sunday Mission: Dak Coleccionables

A new mission for the Garrison Mexico... The Grand Opening of a new SW store and an outpost of the empire. We ought to conquer and secure the area. No prisioners are to be taken. No Rebels must survive.

From noon to around 4pm, we stood guard in the new location of the Dak Coleccionables Store in the south of Mexico City. We had a big comitment cause the store owner has always been very nice to the Garrison, being a sponsor for prices and toys we give away in our activities. So we had to do a good job. As we always do.

To the event, as much as 13 troopers, Sith Lords and Empirial guards arrived ready to fulfill their duty.

It was great to spend some time with fellow fans and SW enthusiasts... Pictures, and just talking about the six movies. Ar some moment, we step out of the store and walked aroound the sidewalk, most cars slowed down and waved at us. Several more stoped completely and well, after realizing we were causing traffic jams, we had to go back into the parking lot.

One new thiing is that I had my new Comsystem. With an amplifier and a speaker hidden inside my chest piece, I had the whole experience. Static Burts and all. It was amazing and took me to a new level of trooping. Awesome!

Here are some pictures of the mission.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ah por fin los encontre, bueno a ti y a la legion en internet.

No entiendo muy bien ocmo funciona el foro y me gustaria mucho ver la oportunidad de integrarme a ustedes como scout trooper.

Saber que necesito, hacer un presupuesto, asistir a eventos, etc.

Espero puedan contactarme.

Saludos y felicidades!

11:10 AM  
Blogger plasta said...

Hey! Muchas gracias por el coment y bienvenido a mi blog. No se hace cuanto que posteaste esto, por lo que no se si ya contactaste a la legion. Te estoy escribiendo un mail. Espero que puedas unirte. El imperio te necesita!


10:11 AM  

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