Monday, August 28, 2006

Helmet done!!

Righth now, my stormtrooper helmet is done and ready for trooping.

I got the fan and wires I needed for the ventilation sistem, so now it was just a matter of assembling it all toguether...

So first of all, I did the whole wiring thing from the baterry outlet to the fan and through the button. It was not very difficult since I had prior experience with elecrtrical stuff in other props and models.

Once the wiring was done, I put all the components inside some flexible tubes I got, and used anothe tube to make some kind of holder for the button.

This is how it looks after everything was put toguether.

Then, I hot glued some screen over the fan, just to have the safe feeling. I wouldnt like to have my dreadlocks sucked into the fan... LOL... And then, glued the fans over the wholes I drilled on the frown. I read some pleople place the fans so that one can blow air inside while the outher suck it to the outside... I placed both of mines blowing to the inside. After all, its not closed and the air can scape downwards.

And then, I hot glued the tubbing all around the edge of the helmet. It worked fine for what I had in mind. The helmet looks was looking as cool on the inside as on the outside.

Finally, I glued some velcro stripes where the battery would go. That way I could secure the batteries, buut have them easily replaced or moved if needed.

After doing this with both fans, the helmet was almost done. At the end, I just had to replace the black decals on the, mmmh, well, ventilation system I guess, with blue ones, to match the ANH look I wanted for my helmet. I did this using blue electricians tape and a cuttter knife, not very difficult and results were great.


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