Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Life in the Garrison. (Q4 2006)

Being an Imperial Stormtrooper is a hard job. Weaing the durasteel armor all day or night long is not an easy thing. Specially when patrolling hives of scum and villiany all over the galaxy.

The fellow troopers make the job lots easier. Specially the officers. Its a good life and it makes me proud to serve my emperor.

To improve my performance as part of my garrison, I have been working in several modifications for my armor. Some are, including the ones I posted before are: Mods to my E-11 blaster (the weapon of choice for most TKs), my speaker comsystem, and now, some new attaching system for my armor, also, a new underarmor skin, way better. And new search gloves with keblar, you never know what you might end up touching.

New projects comming soon is the comlink system, and some new mods to my E-11. And I am actually thinking about applying for a transfer to the TD Corps... To be elite, to be a Sandtrooper? well, maybe.

BTW, Im now a Sargeant. Sgt. Iconoclasta TK 8800

Myself, TK8800, getting ready for the mission

Me and fellow TK, Capt. Worch

TK Blekstrooper patrolling

501st checking on suspisious vehicules


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