Wednesday, April 11, 2007


Fun in the Empire.

Fund raising for the imperial Red Cross

The 501st Legion Garrison Mexico joined forces with the Mexican Red Cross to raise funds.

The mission was taken by some of the best troops in the galaxy. A Sandtrooper and Biker Scout troopers formed the Special Forces squad, and toguether with some regula TKs, clones and even a Tusken Raider, the mission was brought to success...

here some of the most memorable moments.

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Commsystem and ROMFX

Nothing upgrades a stormtrooper armor better than a ROMFX voice processor and an mic/amplifier kit.

I already have an amp installed in my armor. It works alright and lets ppl know you is ruling the galaxy. Nothing beats trooping and surprising everyone around with a voice amp, nothing except maybe, doing it with the ROMFX card.

The ROMFX is a procesor card that, once conected to the main amp sistem, gives the static burts and soe other random sound FXs to your voice and whatever you say. It also distorts the voice so that it has the tipical Stormtrooper mechanical sound in it. Its great. Its the sould of a Stormtrooper.

Tsk roger roger tsk

I placed and order and was able to secure a ROMFX procesor for my stormtrooper armor. Its supposed to arrive today from canada. Im eagerly waiting...

I also bought a complete official comsystem, including the two way radio, a headset and a Push to Talk control. Arriving today too.

And, to start my transition into becoming elite, im also getting a new GF bucket. That means a real size accurate helmet with green lenses and all... just the first step into becoming a SandTrooper.

Its a long journey to become special Stormtrooper forces, but Im willing to walk it.