Thursday, November 22, 2007

TD: almost done

Im almost done with all the modifications to my Stormtrooper armor so I can apply to the Mos Eisley Police Department and become elite among the elite of sandtroopers...

So far, my Sandtrooper armor alreadys has the following modifications:

TD style ab plate modification
Sniper plate on left knee
Canvas belt
No drop boxes or thermal detonator
MG15 heavy gun
No stripes on gray patches on helmet
Ammo pouches
Black pouldron

And Im still missing:

Green flat lenses on helmet
and most importat: DIRT!

Once this is done, I will be applying to the MEPD

Mission Report: Teletón 2007

Location: Mexico City, Coruscant
Date: 160112007
Code Name: Teleton5012007
Mission: Take by assault La glorieta del angel, fund raise for Teleton and take control of the system.
Status: Mission accomplished

As a part of the 501st Legion, most of my missions include talking control over hostlile territories, engage rebels in combat and arrest or terminate them and other task involving military tactics and strategy. The Empire has to show everyone who is ruling this galaxy. We, as stormtroopers need to take care of the citizens and its security.

But, there are some citizens need more care than others. And the ones that we work the most for are kids of course. Specially kids that may be phisically challenged, are sick, live in poverty or in any kind of need. That is our speciality. Thats the main mission of Legion 501st, Vaders Fist!

So, this last weekend, the Mexican Garrison wore armor and went fund raising for Teleton, a charity that helps phisically challenged kids with top of the line medical treatment and rehab for free.

The mission was a success!

Here are some pictures.