Monday, February 15, 2010

Its all about the details...

Here are a few close up shots of the details in my armor Im proud of:

This is the strapping system. Although it is not 100% the same as in 1976, it is based on that, modified to be more comfortable and easy to wear. Most of the straps are elastic fixed with industrial snap buttons. Not the easiest thing to work with, but far more trustful than velcro.

This is the shoulder/bicep/arm pieces. Originally they were joint by a long elastic running from the shoulder strap to the wrist. I tried to emulate this but dividing it in two different parts. Maybe next time I will make it ones single long elastic.

And this is how it fixes to the shoulder strap made of white elastic. I used snap buttons, so this is stronger than velcro, but more difficult to close.

This next two pictures show the detail in the crotch and butt part. One rivet on the crotch, two snap buttons on the butt. The thing here is that the three pieces go completely through the plastic, showing on both sides. This is how it was made originally.

Both parts are joint by an elastic.

This is the vintage cargo strap from the 1970's I used for the belt. It was found stored on a warehouse by a fellow Trooper.

Each plastic strip running down the arms and leg pieces has a different wide. Going from 0.75 inch on legs and upper legs, to 8.75 on thighs, to 1 inch on the back of the shins. This was carefully taken care of...

TE2 armor comes with a 4 button ab-strip for TKs. This are not only wrong being 4 but smaller. Tks use 4, TDs use 3. So I ordered this extra piece from Trooper Master and added it to my TE2 set or armor.

And this is the mysterious black circle on the orange pauldron. Its believed that it is some residue of glue from a sticker maybe, that caught some dust and dirt during shooting.

Now I am ready for duty, or for shooting a Special Special Edition of ANH!

Move Along! Move Along!

Going for the Screen Accurate

Building armor has become one of my passions and for sure my biggest more time consuming hobby. Since 2006 when I started this blog till today, I have learned and evolved a lot with my prop making skills. A long path this has been.

From an FX recast put together however I could, to an almost screen accurate TE2 kit, I have discovered a lot of tricks, facts, references and ideas about prop and armor making.

Just a few weeks ago, I finished my second set of white armor. And this time, contrary to that first time 4 years ago, I made it as correct as possible. Looked for the correct parts all around the world and took my time to make every little detail in the most perfect way I could.

This is my TE2 Sandtrooper armor, inspired in the Move Along trooper at the Mos Eisley blockade scene.