Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Accuracy required

To be a Sandtrooper as accurate as possible is my goal and dream. I have perfected my techniques, crafts and skills during years to achieve this. Today, I think I'm closer to that goal. And just a little proof of that is my TE2 Move Along Helmet Sandtrooper.

I went really out of the way trying to make this as close to the helmet seen on the screen as I was able to. And the results are pretty much all I dreamed off.

Here it is, my bucket on the left of course, and the real bucket on the right.

I guess now I have a real goal for my next bucket, go further!

Blastech E11 Blaster

Every Imperial Troop has a side weapon. No matter where you are, no matter what's the mision, if you are to serve the Empire, you need a blaster on your side: the Blastech E11

This is my new modified Hasbro E11 blaster.

Several work was done on it to make sure it is up to the job of being the side arm of a Sandtrooper.

New tip, counter, shaft, scope, power cylinders, ammo clip and housing, wiring, ejecting door, button cap, D-ring, aim, t-tracks, folding stock, lock and many other mods were done so that the Hasbro Blaster could become a Blastech E11.

Desert Storm Weekends

Mission: Desert Storm Weekends
Location: Mexico City

In this mission, a Sandtrooper squad was to patrol the area know as Angel de la Independencia in Mexico City.

Four TDs were appointed to do this:

TD 8800 iconoclasta
TD 8330 Infernu
TD 4639 Bantha
TD 5516 Ponytrooper

We blasted some Jawas, burned a few moisture farmers, stormed into a Cantina and then had our picture taken by tourists...

Mission accomplished.

Monday, March 08, 2010

Mission: Adidas Orignals

As you may know, Adidas Originals launched a new collection inspired by the Star Wars Original Trilogy.

The collection is made up of several different shoe models and clothing.

All over the World the Legion 501st was asked to be keep Imperial Piece in many different promoting events. And a few nights ago, it was the turn of the troops stationed in Mexico.

This is what happened: