Friday, March 15, 2013

A New Hope.

So my Sandtrooper is done. At least, almost done. I do have a couple upgrades in mind for my backpack, specially for the radio, and for my E11, and dream of building a new Sandtrooper Tunisian E11 version sometime in the future. But now, I am starting a new project, one that I have dreamed about and kept on the backburner for a year or two now: A Tantive IV boarding party Stormtrooper. For me, that is the way Stormtroopers should look like. That is the very first impression most have of the impressive white armored Imperial soldier. I will try to replicate the armor we see in the very first minutes of Star Wars with all its flaws and imperfections, using perfect replicas, pieces and parts. The most important and central piece of this project will be my new 1.5 mm flexible ABS Troopermaster armor. The kit is already awesome even in the box. All the time and hard work put into making this plastic pieces is near perfect. And also, all the extras like wire brackets, elastics, hardware and the belt, holster and handplates, just to mention a few things, is so close to the real thing that it is just mindblowing. This will take me the best part of this year and probably a bit of the next one, since I really want to get all the details the way they should be. So I plan to take it slow, carefully and most important, accurately. I will post from time to time when I have something new to share, about this or other projects. In the mean time... move along, move along.