Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Celebration IV, Los Angeles, CA.

Report and more pictures comingo soon!

Mission Report
Celebration IV
Los Angeles, CA
24-28 May 2007
SW 30th Aniversary
TK 8800

Thursday, May 24, 2007

XXX Years of the Force!

Tomorrow, may the 25th Star Wars will celebrate 30 years of magic, myth and fandom.

Its almost as if it was my very own 30th birthday. Although I did not watched the very first SW movie in the theaters, my very first cinema experience was watching Empire Strikes Back, back in 81.

Thirty years ago, the Tantive IV, followed by a Giagantic Star Destroyer flew over the heads of a few crowd, and took by asault the life of millions, changing the way everyone sees movies.

This is my tribute to Star Wars...

20 reasons why being a SW fan is so great (in no particular order):

1. Saying "May the force be with you" means something for real.
2. Its not about technology, its about the myth.
3. Lightsaber.
4. Using the Jedi Ming trick is fun.
5. Toys are not for kids.
6. Darth Vaders breathing sound.
7. Bad acting doesnt matter.
8. You know that parsecs is a measurement of lenght, not time.
9. The sound C-3PO makes when walking.
10. Memorizing everysingle line of the 6 movies.
11. Wearing a Stormtrooper armor is actually cool for everyone.
12. Blasters, lightsabers and proton torpedoes.
13. The Dark side of the Force.
14. Like Yoda talking cool it is.
15. Leias Metal Bikini.
16. Padme.
17. Order 66.
18. The milenium falcon.
19. Chewie and Han Solo.
20. Sharing with lots of SW fans around the world.

So, Ill just add now: May the force be with us, always.