Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Expocoleccionistas X. Awaiting The Force Awakens.

The larges biggest Star Wars Convention took place last week, and of course, with the new Star Wars Episode just days away, the Empire had to secure the facilities and make sure Imperial Peace was held.

This year, a very special person attended. I am not talking about the actors signing autographs or other franchise personalities. No, I am talking about my 4 years old daughter who made her appearance as Princes Darth Vader, in full pink gear.

Eventhough it was not her firts time waring her costume, or her first time at big cons, it was special cause know she understands quiet well that having her costume on, she is a character. A loved one by the way. And that people will come to her to have her picture taken and the such. Attention that she was not always happy to get, but she did understand.

Here are a few pictures of us...