Monday, June 15, 2009

New TD gear.

So, now almost ready to be 100% finished and ready for battle... this is new newest coolest gear in my personal armory.

1. TE2 ANH accurate Sandtrooper helmet
2. 97-RTC Blaster rifle
3. MP38/40 Ammo Pouch
4. Screen accurate Backpack

Just need to finish my new handplates and maybe soon a new E11, the sidearm of choice of most Imperial Troopers, and I'm done.

RT-97C Blaster rifle

What would be of a Sandtrooper without his BFG!?

So, I worked on my old MG-15 and make it a real bad ass gun! An RT-97C (Its now what was used to be called MG15).

Lots of work to be done including making 3 new scopes, a new canon shaft, resizing the whole gun and a new paintjob and weathering.

This is how it went from old MG-15 to new RT97C:

"Ok men. Load your weapons!"

"Blast them!!"

Back Pack weathering

Having 99% of the backpack finished, there is still room for improvement.

One specially important thing is the weathering. So, using hairspray and actual dirt, I started working on it. It is still a bit to much and not so natural, but time will wear it off and make it just perfect.

Now its 99.9% finished!!

When going to the borders of the Empire, take lost of ammo with you.

There are many different weapons and gear that an Imperial trooper can take to the front, but if you are deployed to Tatooine in the Outer Rim Territories, one thing you need is a lot of ammo.

For this, the elite Sandtroopers have different Ammo Pouches. Some of the most common are the ones known as MP38/40, and the less popular Stolla WIen.

I have just added an MP38/40 to my personal collection of ammo pouches, and worked it down so it looks like the real thing. Aging and weathering is the way to go.

First of all, I got my Imperial issued MP38/40 ammo pouches. But when they arrived, there were some upgrades to be done. Most important of them all, to take apart and re-position the small pouch in the correct place.

Brand new pouches:

This is how it looked with the small pouch in the correct place.

Then, some weathering was in order.

1. Put in hot water to make them soft and flexible.
2. Roll up and down the leather straps.
3. Dye it with black cloth dye.
4. Work the dying process to make it as desired
(The pouch color should be dark green, not black)
5. Let it dry with wood blocks in it.
6. Throw it around on a cement floor.
7. Using hairspray, put some dirt over the spots dirt would naturally stuck.

So, this are the results.

And now, this is the whole collection.

Now bring me those Jedi scum!!