Sunday, July 22, 2007

Ready to be deployed.

Yes, thats an important thing to a Elite trooper. And being a sandtrooper is Elite for sure.

My backpack is almost done. So Im near to be ready to become Elite.

Here are some pictures...

Soon it will be done. One step closer.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Get your gear...

Slowly, my Sandtrooper gear is getting done. The backpack is almost done. Just need to glue some parts toguether and finish the strap system. Almost done.

The sniper knee plate and abplate are done already, and now I just need to start working in the canvas utility belt. Not difficult at all. Its exciting to see how things turn out and how everything comes toguether to become a Sandtrooper. Elite imperial forces.

And talking about Elite Imperial Forces, just yesterday I got news from one of my garrison master armors about the Elite Emperial Forces special gear that we ordered a few months ago. In sumary, Ill get soon my gaiters, special utility belt and arm armor... alltoguether with my backpack, pouldron, armor mods and my next project, my MG15 rifle, I will in a few words KICK ASS!!

Friday, July 13, 2007

Look sir, droids!

Im working in some mods to my armor in order to become a Sandtrooper.

But first, Sandtroopers and regular TKs mnay look similar, but they are very different. Several modifications most be done before applying to the Sandtrooper dettachment or the Mos Eisley Police Department.

Some of them are: No black stripes on grey Helmet decals, no botons on ab plate, Sniper Knee plate on left knee, the use of a backpack, a pouldron and a field weapon besides the side weapon is necesary, green lenses and some other things.

So its not so easy or fast to do all these modifications, but its a fun job. I first started with the helmet. Here are a few picts.

The, I started working in a new shin armor and the sniper plate.

While the armor mods are in process, I also started working on my Backpack. A sandtrooper is only all the TD he can be with a backpack. So using some tupperware containers and other stuff, I started from scratch (or almost). I just got them from Wallmart and started putting in toguether in the kart, and that is it. For now.

The backpack will not be 100% accurate, but it will look a lot like the one seen in ANH. But most important of all, I like it a lot.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Imperial Citizens at CIV.

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Mission Report: CIV in LA

Being a Stormtrooper and serving the Empire often means to be deployed in far away worlds to srve in special missions. This time, the mission was to take over and keep control of LA system, in order to ensure the correct functioning of teh CIV event. The 30th aniversary of Star Wars.

There is so much to tell... and so little time and space.

I was assigned to the CIV nission the same day it started, so I just had enpugh time to go to my barracks and made some mods and repairs to my armor, pack a few stuff and take the Starship taht would carry me to the LA system. Friday afternoon I was on my way.

The place was loaded withe regular imperial citizens. But there was an unusual concentration of rebels, spies and even Jedi Knights. Something not seen since Order 66 and the rise of the Empire. But, as a trooper, I was instructed to set for stun and bring prisioners alive to interrogation. So I did.

Several other TKs were deployed, along with many other detachments of the 501st Legion. Even as a TK, I am elite, being part of "Lord Vaders Fist" is a big responsability. So with Biker Scouts, Sand Troopers, Imperial Guards, different specialized troopers, more TKs, Sith Lords and even Bounty Hunters, I patrol the site.

People were witness to the supreme power of the empire, as on middle street, a few TKs arrested a whole crew of Rebels annd their leader, Princess Leia Organa, and brought them for a fast track sentence in front of our supreme commander himself, Lord Vader.

I had to take in mind that several enemies of the Empire might show around. So being alert was part of my assignment. And in deed, I spot Han Solo and his wookie companion. Also the rebel Luke Skywalker and Leia Organa. Several of them I must say. Lots of rebels and lots of Jedi Knights. With other troopers, we proceeded to arrest them and bring them back to the fiedl HQ.

During my time off, me and some other Troopers, and citizens, were able to meet lots of legendary officers and celebrities. I had the honor to meet and greet Jango Fett, Oola the exotic Tw`lek dancer, and well, even Jedi Knight Aayla Secura, whom I was tempted to arrest.

As part of the activities for troopers, I attended and cheered my favorite team during the Trooper Olimpics. Lots of fun. Lots of great athletes in our Legion. Troopers from all around the world took part of several different challenges including taking off and on the armor in the least posible time, marksmanship, obstacle courses, and driving segways... lots of fun.

After the trooper olimpics, I served as security for a few events, including the metal bikini club picture. A great experience, serving the Empire and Jabba the Hutt. And of course, being close to so many Slave Leias has its charm. A few Slave and exotic dancers showed up aswell, and a bounty hunter too. It was a toughth job, cause everysingle male (of every species in the galaxy) wanted to be there. But as usual, the Legion showed everyone who is in charge.

The end of Day 3 (day 1 for me) came up with the group photo of the Legion 501st. It was one of the most awaited moments in the mission. I was really excited and honored to be there. It was just amazing to see so many troopers, Sith Lord and Bounty hunters all toguether at once. My guess is around 800 elite members of the Empire best Legion: 501st, Vaders Fist.