Monday, February 18, 2008


Finally, now its done and official. Im a Sandtrooper in the Fighting 501st Legion... my Legion id is TD 8800 and now im just waiting to be deployed with the Mos Eisley Police Department.

Here are a couple pictures, one as a Sandtrooper and one inspired by the fanfilm IMPS...

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Wednesday, February 06, 2008


What is the most distinctive trade on a Sandtrooper?

Not the pouldron or the heavy blasters. Not the ammo pocuhes and definetly not the green flat lenses or the sniper knee plate. What really makes the difference is dirt. Just that. The sign of being deployed in a desert planet and having the dirty jobs done.

After lots of mods to my TK armor and after lots of thinking I finally got the courage to get dirty. Now Im finally ready to apply to the Mos Eiley Police Department and become elite among the elite. To be one of the few dozens of Imperial troopers who have worked hard to really achieve a screen acurate armor and have become a Mos Eisley Police Officer...

To achieve the correct dirt look in my armor, I used one of the most common techniques out there: a multilayer, multicolor, paint treatment. The acrylic paint was dissolved in lots of water and spread on the armor

Firts, I applyed the black layer on the part of the armor that I wanted dirty:

After spreading it with the sponge brush I got a dirty look.

A layer of yellow paint to make the sandy look.

A little brown and more black on top.

The bucket:

Do this to each piece of armor and in a couple of hours the job is done.

My Sandtrooper armor is now ready.

Elite Imperial Forces gear

When deployed to the most remote systems with some of the most dangerous and difficult missions, Elite Imperial Forces need special equipment and gear to have the job done. Although I already had my gear for a while, I have not posted or showed it yet. So here is a picture of this special gear, ammo pouches, leather bags, and other stuff...

Pouldron, utility belt and ammo pouch:

Different ammo and utility pouches, utility belt, imperial binder, my E-11 blaster and holster, and gaiters.

Being Elite is not an easy job, but somebody has to do it. But not any somebody...