Monday, December 14, 2009

Brand New TE2 Sandtrooper Armor

This is it. Finally continuous research and work of 3 years has thrown a result: My new screen accurate Trooper Expert 2 Sandtrooper armor.

This armor has been made so it resembles as much as possible the real armors seen on screen in A new Hope.

The right measurements, sizes, assembly, style, parts, colors and techniques were used to put together this suit of armor and helmet to resemble the Sandtrooper seen on the Mos Eisley barricade scene, commonly know as "The Move Along Trooper".

I am really proud of this armor and how it looks. It took me several hours of very careful work, detailing every possible aspect and taking a lot of care to finish it the way it should be.

Here are the first pictures of my fully assembled TE2 armor. Now I am ready to go on patrol to Tatooine and continue serving with the Mos Eisley Police Department and get it dirty.

So, now that I have the armor, it is time to get some sand on it. And then go out and kill some rebel scum ass.